Vol: 2; Ch: 9
2018 - 2019
3.775 out of 5 from 134 votes
Rank #14,088

Kou Tarumizu transfers to the high school of her idol and two time photography contest winner, Uchiho Hayama, only to find that the photography club has been disbanded and Uchiho is in a photographic slump. To revive the club and get Uchiho out of her slump, Kou decides to enter a photography contest and chooses her classmates Nene and Amane as her subjects. But it turns out that the two of them used to be a couple...

Source: MU

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Mild spoilers for the ending, but I need to talk about them to say why you should read it over any number of other love corner angstfests. Either I sell you on a relatively neat premise that isn't immediately apparent, or I warn you away from a 'twist' you won't enjoy before you get really, really mad at a story for doing something mildly subversive in the romance genre.Okay, ready? This is an untagged polyamory work. And can I just say, thank christ for that. What was shaping up to be a decent, if short, romantic drama, instead metamorphosed into one of the most genuine and accepting representations of polyamory I've yet seen from Japan, not that I've been looking awfully hard. Now, could Kou and Amane's part of the relationship have been developed better? Yes. It was barely there, though the resolution where Amane just sorta pointedly asks 'well, who says the three of us can't just date each other?' at least sort of made sense for how the group dynamic had been portrayed beforehand, where the thing that makes being together fun was that all of them were included. That was an incredibly consistent part of Kou's view of their relationship, anyway. I'm just so used to love triangles ending in a choice, even when it feels forced as heck or totally unreasonable for the characters, that it felt like a breath of fresh air for a story to ask the same questions I'm often thinking.It's great if you like fluff and angst as a combination, and genuinely heartwarming if you're willing to entertain the idea of romance between more than two people at a time. I kinda understand why some people were disappointed that it didn't go further and include another of the characters to make it a foursome, but trust me when I say her lack of communication and willingness to manipulate until the last possible moment would be really bad in a poly relationship. That shit needs trust and commitment and a whole lot of love to function, typically. I especially liked the way it worked the role of cameraperson as observer, but also as someone unavoidably entangled with and grounded in the scene they're capturing, into the relationship dynamic. That was genuinely a cool bit of theming. As others have said, though, it is a bit too short for its own good, and some emotional beats felt rushed because they weren't given the time to properly linger and impact on the reader.The art makes for adorable and expressive characters (obvs vital for a photography premise) but it did get kinda fanservicey at times. Yes, it could have chosen to be so, so much less respectful of its premise and just produced another unserious story of f/f orgies for monogamous people to leer/gawk at. It could have echoed the majority view that poly relationships are for sex-crazed lunatics who'll never amount to anything, rather than romantic bonds just as viable and healthy as monogamous relationships... but the viewpoint really does linger awkwardly in some scenes. If those panels were meant to be from a character's POV to illustrate that, say, Nene finds Kou hot, that'd be one thing, but when it's Kou alone and we get several panels focused on her posing with her ass and legs in the air, it becomes mildly annoying. Thankfully, it doesn't do it often, but enough to notice.All in all, I loved it. If you can get past the above, I'd say this one's a keeper :)

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