Ludwig Kakumei

Vol: 4; Ch: 16
1998 - 2007
4.178 out of 5 from 439 votes
Rank #2,452
Ludwig Kakumei

The beautiful and egotistical Prince Ludwig is a shameless player who will pursue any woman with a hot body, a cute face, and enormous breasts. But what he really loves is the pale serenity of a beautiful corpse, a preference reflected by the countless dead babes that decorate his bedroom. This hobby repulses the king, who exiles his son until he can find a bride who's actually alive. In his quest to woo a suitable princess, the haughty youth will face many obstacles, including a cursed hand puppet that turns its wearer into a frog, an assassin with a hood stained red with blood, and worst of all: fake breasts.

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What's more fun than taking our favorite childhood fairytales and twisting them into heinous tales a betrayal, bitterness, and hatred? Aside from tacos and dirty magazines nothing. I latched on to this series because 1: I love Yuki Kaori's art, its fabulous. I love how it teeters on the edge of goth and glam, I love everything about it. and 2 I love making those old princess stories into horror stories, it's just so fun. And so we begin: Ludwig Kakumei is the story of one Prince Ludwig who has an unhealthy obsession with the bodies of beautiful dead women. His father the king, fed up orders Ludwig to go out and find a live girl to marry instead of doing the ghastly things he's probably doing to all the carcasses he houses. From then on the story follows Lui and his faithful servant Wilhelm travel to distant lands searching out the princesses of our childhood such as Cinderella and snow white two of my favorite chapters. It's a fun ride with a mix of humor and danger for those who love the comedy adventure genre. 9.3/10 The art of course is fabulous. I love how she imagined the different princesses as well as the fashions. She's definitely an artist who pays equal attention to both male and female characters which means that there are plenty of beautiful women and especially men to go around. You may know her work from the manga’s Angel Sanctuary, Count Cain, etc. She's very detailed in her art which I love, no problems on that. 10/10Characters are a load of fun. We have Ludwig, the spoiled no nonsense gorgeous but disturbing prince. His sidekick and resident push over Wilhelm as well as many others from tales by the brothers Grimm, Charles Perrault, and more. The fun in the series is that the prince doesn't always act like a prince, in fact some days he's a tool. His only criteria for being his bride is to be beautiful and have big breasts. Hilarity ensures I promise. Another good mark of the characters is that they all have such different personalities. This princess may indeed be a damsel, but next may be a psychotic killer, and the next still a desperate pushover. 7/10Overall it's a great story for those who enjoy the twisting of classic stories. It's classified as a horror, however don't expect any kind of gore. This kind of horror is limited to tales of sadness, small amounts of incest, implications of romantic affairs with corpses, etc. It's a fun ride but only as a summer fling, don't expect to take it home to the parents. It's just a fun ride in the back alley behind the dumpster not a life long commitment. The story itself is shallow, no life lessons here. It'll take less than a week to read if that's all you're reading. Not for readers who want something more than just a fun little story. Not for children either for the above mentioned reasons.

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