Lucky Star: Pocket Travelers

Vol: 1; Ch: 7
3.71 out of 5 from 136 votes
Rank #16,050
Lucky Star: Pocket Travelers

The series starts of with the girls getting magically shrunken and getting in all kinds of hyjinx.

Source: MU

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I generally find moe for moe's sake to be unpalatable and boring ("Just say noe to moe!"), but I was pretty okay with this. I still found the unrealistic mannerisms and emphasis on cuteness to be annoying, but the plot itself was engaging enough to make up for that. A group of four friends--Konata, Tsukasa, Kagami, and Miyuki--all get transformed to about the size of figurines, and we see them figuring out how to transform back to normal. At first, I was like "obviously, it has to do with the missing [censored]" and I was a bit frustrated that they weren't thinking about that, but then the events of chapter three happened and threw a wrench into my assumptions. Konata's nonchalant and play-seeking attitude, where fe seemed entirely unperturbed by being small, is definitely central to the manga. We get a few instances of Konata and Tsukasa ending up missing from the larger group and facing some (admittedly minimal) dangers that come from being so small. I did find it odd that they moved from house to house for very little reason. And I didn't find Konata's pervertedness to be very funny, and a lot of the other characters felt somewhat lacking in character. The proportions don't always feel consistent. Like, there's a scene where an insect is drawn to be looming over Tsukasa, but that doesn't make any sense. And there's another scene where Konata is standing right next to the sick Kagami, but looks quite a bit smaller. I find Konata's closed eyes to look kinda stupid, and I don't care for the generic big-eyed, chibi "cutesy" aesthetic. 

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