Ch: 104+
2019 - ?
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Lucia, the sixteenth princess of the kingdom, has seen her future through a strange dream. But it was a vivid nightmare of a terrible marriage that continues to haunt her. To change her dreadful fate, she suggests a contract marriage to Duke Hugo Taran, a well-known womanizer. Can this setup break Lucia from her fate? Or will her choice lead down a path even she couldn't foresee?! 

Source: TappyToon

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I honestly don't like this manga at all. I started reading because I had nothing else to do I never liked it. The art is okay but I don't like it, ml is to fricking bulky and fl looks like someone smeared strawberry jam on her face, held a knife to her throat and said "wipe your mouth and your dead" but it's certainly better than some and at least consistent. However at a certain point the story goes on a long plot rant about incest and that's when I dropped it, I think it's one thing when it's a story about royalty and it says something about someone marrying their 2 cousin or something (and everyone in the comments is freaking out cus ewww) because in today's standards that's gross but in medivel times that was totally normal, but like clan species brother sister inbreeding, I cannot put up with that I don't care about the time period that's where I draw the line. I honestly don't know why everyone is so obsessed with this the art is waaaaaaaay overdone and the story is pretty weak. I'm sorry I tried my best to not say anything too awful because I can only imagine how hard it is for a creator to see their work get verbally berated so I didn't say everything I might've also all I mean is that Lucia is not for me if you like it good for you! If you like the art great! I think you should give Lucia a chance if it sounds compelling to you and if you don't like it that's okay if you do that's cool too, I might've sounded harsh but that's just how I feel everyone has different opinions so please don't take mine too seriously.

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