Lover Boy (Zec)

Ch: 72
2016 - 2018
4.146 out of 5 from 943 votes
Rank #3,625
Lover Boy (Zec)

Eunho, the little neighbor boy that always asked Jaeha to marry him is all grown up now. Jaeha never gave little Eunho a second thought until one day, years later, Eunho suddenly reinserts himself into Jaeha’s life. Will Eunho forever be the little neighbor boy to Jaeha? Or will Jaeha finally see Eunho for the man he’s now become?

Source: Lezhin

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I would've lost my mind if I had to read this chapter by chapter as it was coming out. Thankfully I didn't have to and instead spent all day reading this. I'll start by saying I liked this manhwa, dare I say kinda love it actually. The writing as far as the dialogue and the character's thoughts was very well done and one of the stronger parts of this story. Eunho is a very sympathetic character and I felt his emotions regarding his deep love for Jaeha. He's cute, perceptive and loyal to a fault. Jaeha on the other hand is complicated, guarded and beautiful. He had a bitchiness to him that thankfully he acknowledged and felt guilty about and to that, I say "thank god". There's little worse than a selfish person that lacks self-awareness. I think one of the aspects of Jaeha as a character that made me like him too was the fact that I relate to him. Making mistakes and having the guilt eat you alive is a very human experience. Also, Hanjun is my favourite character and I'm upset that we didn't at least get a side story about him. Their relationship could be divided into 3 acts and they took the long road getting to the end but I appreciate that it wasn't easy. Honestly, if they had just gotten together at the start when it looked like it was happily ever after, Jaeha wouldn't have truly understood Eunho and the pain he put him through. If you're like me and you love childhood friends, younger semes, extreme loyalty, beautiful ukes, many chapters and ANGST, then you should check this one out. Overall pretty good but not for everyone.

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