Love Tyrant

Alt title: Renai Boukun

Vol: 14; Ch: 57
2012 - 2018
3.814 out of 5 from 416 votes
Rank #10,938
Love Tyrant

A beautiful girl named Guri, who has a mysterious item that forces two random people to kiss and turns them into couples, appears in front high school student, Aino Seiji. Despite being dressed up as a shinigami, she's actually cupid. Suddenly, Guri tries to kiss Seiji, and then... Unavoidable and uncontrollable. A forceful love comedy that starts with an angel and a kiss!!

Source: Crunchyroll

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This series caught me off guard when I found it. I first found the anime and decided to get into the manga after getting bored of the anime's pacing. The manga, is a great balance that can deliver on puns and comedy to an amzing degree. The story is not normal, as far as based on my library of experiences with anime and manga, of which I have a large number to choose from. It uses the imouto, yandere, 'more-extreme' yandere? and dunce in such a funny and wonderful way. Their backstories are able to justify their feelings, although not to a degree I would say is completely agreeable. The story, is a bit light and does not delve too deep into its world, but you can see is quite funny to witness unfold before you. The characters are likeable, and no side characters seems to be thrown away as there always intorduced again one way or another later down the line. The MC isn't one dense mofo who doesn't pick up on the girls' advances and in the last few chapters, he really seems to have undergone the most growth as a person and it really is fulfilling having witnessed the whole process. He truly is a nice guy, not out of accident or coincidence. A truly kind soul that cares for those dearest to him. The girls fighting over him do so in such comedic and sort of subtle ways that it doesn't get repetetive in my opinion so its quite nice seeing them fawn over him as he has earned their affection. The characters have explained personalities and backstories that are not too shallow and by the end of it(of which I am at chap 56 right now), you really come to adore the characters, no one seems to not have been given justice in any way. They all developed incredibly, even Guri, who I hated in the beginning, became like a little sister that you would kill for by the end of it. I do have some qualms over some choices on their mannerisms but overall, very well put together characters and world-building, not plunging too deep into fantasy and still staying short of romance only, with lots of fun comedy moments throughout, although I do say the sheer amount of comedy does take a whil to get used to, which is why the story and characters didn't score higher for me. In conclusion, a very fun manga that you can binge or just casually read without feeling like its too fast or too slow. The pacing is nice and the story is endearing. Overall, very good!!

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