Love Song of the Mistle Thrush

Alt title: Oshaberi Tsugumi no Kokuhaku

Vol: 1; Ch: 8
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Love Song of the Mistle Thrush

One day on a walk through the park, a mysterious man who calls himself Satoru Tsugumi tumbles from a tree and lands on Sosuke Suzume. After immediately confessing his love and kissing Sosuke, Satoru proclaims he is the human form of a migratory bird that had come to Japan looking for a mate, and thanks Sosuke for previously rescuing him... Understandably, Sosuke is freaked out by this total pervert and runs away, but he can't get him off his mind. He goes back to the park to find Satoru. One thing leads to another and suddenly Sosuke finds himself asking to become Satoru's mate...

Source: Renta!

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