Love So Pure

Alt title: Jigojisun

Ch: 112
2020 - 2022
4.188 out of 5 from 995 votes
Rank #942
Love So Pure

It's easy to get laid when you're a pretty, sassy bartender working at a popular gay bar. This lifestyle suits Jihyun just fine since he loves casual hookups without any intimacy… That is until he meets Yohan—his big, scary-looking classmate who's actually a pure-hearted sweetie. Can Yohan's simple love help commitment-phobic Jihyun heal from the traumas of his past?

Source: Tapas

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Amazing communication. This is a really refreshing read. The characters are very human, are so lovable, have their vulnerabilities, and I just really feel with them.  Jihyun is a confident gay man who knows what he wants and communicates clearly. He has very clear boundaries and says his thoughts clearly. He says clearly from the start he only wants sex partners. Yohan agrees. I like Jihyun a lot more than Yohan, because Yohan's a bit toooo nice. I want Yohan to also communicate what he wants clearly, and I think with the good plot, we can predict the author will write Yohan's development well. Both of them have trauma, and the author writes trauma well. It doesn't feel like fetishization of trauma. The author handles the matter appropriately, I think. Also, the homophobia and different gay people feel a lot more realistic than in some BLs where they just fetishize the LGBTQA+ community. I feel like the author is actually well-versed in the community, so they portray them as humans first, and writing entertaining 2D characters come second. Also, I really like Yohan's brother. Buff, tattooed, straightforward. He says what's on his mind. He really cares for Yohan. It's like tough love, but the love is a lot more. The art is great. The expressions are drawn really well and the sex is hot. Bonus: I see the details the artist puts into detailing each strand of Yohan's thick eyebrows. Hey. Just read it. You'll know from the first chapter that this is an actually unique, well-written webtoon and is one of the rare webtoons where I actually find almost relatable. P.S. Don't let the cover throw you off! It's not all sex no plot. It's more plot than sex, and the relationship isn't toxic.

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