Love Shuttle - Custom lists

Alt title: Aein Shuttle

Love Shuttle
  • A Bride's Story
  • Abarenbo Honey
  • 2019 Rookie Short Stories: Hell Camp
  • 19 Days
  • 10 Years That I Loved You the Most

Manga Sweet as Honey by Bloom19

Manga Just as Sweet as a Big Fluffy Teddy Bear! Age and Social Gap, Boss-Employee and Senpai-Kouhai Relationship, Butlers and Maids, Childcare, Childhood Friends and Promise, Crossdressing, Gender Bender, Secret Child and Single...

  • The Master of Diabolism
  • King's Maker
  • Sign
  • Heaven Official's Blessing
  • Here U Are

Extremely Popular BL Webtoons by AnnaSartin

If you are a BL lover and have not heard of these webtoons, please alert someone and let them know to rent an emergency crane to help lift up the rock you've been living under. Then once you've dusted off, feel free to check out...

  • A Hot Wet Job for Three: Adult Toy Tester
  • Aesthetics of Unpleasantness
  • Across the Milky Way!
  • A Black Rose Blooms
  • 2055

Alpha/Seme/Top/Dom x Beta/Seke/Middle/Switch x Omega/Uke/Bottom/Sub Relationship Manga by Bloom19

Did Someone Order a BL Sandwich? Abnormal Relationships, Age Gap, Esper x Guide, Gay to Straight and Straight to Gay, Love Triangles, Older Bottoms, Polyamory, and Threesome!

  • 100 Million Man
  • 24-Hour Kiss
  • 19 Days
  • 15-nengo ni Ore-tachi wa
  • 7th Man

Buffer, Bigger or Ripped Ukes, Nekos and Bottoms Manga by Bloom19

Can I Pet Your Tiddies...? They Got Bigger Breasts Then My Future... But I Really Do Not Mind Because The Bigger The Better Right!? If You Like Big Men Being Cute Then This is For You! This Also Contains Bara, Female Doms and Big...

  • Did the Top Student Get a Cutie Today?
  • Bokura ga Tsugai ni Naru made Extra
  • Body Talk Paradox.
  • Anti-Platonic
  • A Feast for the Wolf in Heat

Smells Like BL! by AnnaSartin

The sense of smell plays a big role in these boys' love stories. The characters may have an unusually sensitive nose, have an alluring scent, or be driven by or drawn together by a particular smell. The nose knows!

  • Egoism Heat
  • Drastic Omega
  • Bokura ga Tsugai ni Naru made Extra
  • A Lying Omega's Guide to Getting Bitten
  • Alpha demo Omega demo nai Bokura wa

ABO (Omegaverse): Nesting Scenes by AnnaSartin

These omegaverse titles contain at least one nesting scene. Omegas "nest" by gathering clothes and other comforting objects to lay on or surround themselves with that smell like their mate or other loved ones. Nesting is an...

  • Banana Fish
  • Baker Baker Paradox
  • Asa to Micha
  • An Uncomfortable Truth
  • A Lotus Flower in the Mud

Theme: Codependency by Claptrap

These stories feature characters with excessive dependency and reliance on another character as a main theme. Often there are consequences where a character fails to thrive or be capable of doing things independently. These...

  • Alpha demo Omega demo nai Bokura wa
  • A Foolish Alpha Asked Me To Mate With Him
  • Abarenbo Honey
  • 69 Street, Tomorrow Island
  • 2-banme no α

ABO: Fully Translated Omegaverse by AnnaSartin

Omegaverse titles that have been fully translated in English.

  • A Callboy's Secret
  • Absolute Control
  • Abarenbo Honey
  • 99.99% Lovers
  • 2-banme no α

ABO (Omegaverse): Alpha/Omega Couples by AnnaSartin

Omegaverse stories featuring romances between alphas and omegas.

  • Delinquent Omega Belongs to the Beast King!
  • Boku no Omega yo Samenaide
  • Beyond the Other Side of the Moon: Omegaverse
  • Altruist
  • Abarenbo Honey

ABO (Omegaverse): Omegas' First Heat by AnnaSartin

Going into heat for the very first time is a common occurrence in ABO stories. An Omega's first heat is often a frightening experience for those who are not prepared for this change in their bodies, and they are extremely...