Love Shuttle

Alt title: Aein Shuttle


Omegaverse: Partially Translatedby AnnaSartin

These Omegaverse manga, webtoons, and novels are partially translated in English. Currently running series available to read are also included here (even if all currently published chapters are translated) as well as currently...

Omegaverse: Alpha/Omega Couplesby AnnaSartin

Omegaverse stories featuring romances between Alphas and Omegas.

Omegaverse: Omegas' First Heatby AnnaSartin

Going into heat for the very first time is a common occurrence in ABO stories. An Omega's first heat is often a frightening experience for those who are not prepared for this change in their bodies, and they are extremely...

BL webcomicsby AnnaSartin

Boys-Love webcomics, with links to their official sites. Only things that are completely finished and have all chapters available online somewhere in English will be marked "Fully translated". Not all of these translations are...