Love or Hate

Ch: 78+
2018 - ?
4.402 out of 5 from 662 votes
Rank #697
Love or Hate

Haesoo is a cynical writer of a romance column, while Joowon, his former stepbrother, is a famous actor. The two go way back - thrust together when their parents remarried, their relationship is far from simple. Brothers? Soulmates? Friends with benefits? Or nothing at all? Theirs is a delicate balance between lust and loathing, dating and breaking up, irritation and infatuation. When the mysterious photographer “K” takes an interest in Haesoo, events begin to spiral out of control. As the lines between art and reality become increasingly blurred, what direction will this story take? Cheap romance? Sensual erotica? Or something much more twisted?

Source: Lezhin

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Love or Hate is a story of 3 men who while they don't have anything in common they're immediately connected because of they're work and not only. Haesoo is a freelancer writer that works for a gossip magazine. Joowon is a new famous actor. Haesoo and Joowon are former step brothers, their parents were previously married and now divorced but those two still stay in contact even after many years have passed. Despite them once being brothers they formed a forbidden relationship without ever defining what exactly it means to them. Suddenly a mysterious photographer appears and asks from Haesoo to take his interview, even though he always stayed away from any publicity till now. That puts the unspecified relationship between Haesoo and Joowon into many challenges. The story is simple, it's doesn't having many complicated twists and its based on the feelings of the protagonists and how they react to certain situations and their relationships with each other. The protagonists are forced to deal with their uncertain feelings without always reaching to an outcome. The first season mainly focuses on explaining how their lives are so far and explaining the relationships between them. It is a mix of a sensual and psychological drama. The art is really beautiful and detailed. The characters all have unique features and beauty. It balances between erotic and pure art and it doesn't get boring. It really completes the simple plot and gives to the manhwa a nice spice. The characters are well made, with solid personalities and background stories. Even though this is a BL manhwa, the characters are strong and the don't get lost into the erotic plot. You catch yourself to want to see the protagonists outside the sensual scenes and to learn more about them. Overall, this a great read for people who like the genre of BL and you get enough pleasing moments. You see the struggle of the 3 protagonists to keep their pride intact and deal with their emotions.

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