Love Navigation

Ch: 54
2016 - 2017
3.581 out of 5 from 42 votes
Rank #24,346
Love Navigation

With most animals having an 'estrus period,' what if there was a device that guided you to it using GPS?!

Source: MU

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The thing that really drew me into this was the art and the prospect of it being a potentially better version of love parameter (which wasn't really that good to begin with).  I'm currently 41 chapters in, but I'd argue this story might be even worse. Essentially, like love paramter, our MC gets his hands on a device that potentially gets coochie without much effort on his end. The difference between this story on the other is that (SPOILERS AHEAD) they decide to make the secret behind the love navigation and the reason why so many women are eager to fuck him because of some weird sci fi nonsense that you are supposed to just accept. The story goes from a dumb fuck tracker, to a virus that made women want to fuck, to the government working behind the scenes to get women horny, to aliens being responsible. Reading this on toonily, I thought that maybe I was missing details going through, but no, the story just genuinely makes 0 sense 99% of the time. Often, pornhuas like this can get away with having dog shit stupid stories like this by having decent or funny characters, and this story had none of that. I wanted to root for the MC so hard, but it seems like the author didn't, seeing how the emphasis and attention was placed on just about every other character. Which is funny because the MC is one of the few tolerable characters in this entire thing. Unfortunately, most of the screen time goes to this goofy ass James Bond wannabe-like character and the MC's god awful friend, who both share one mutual goal: to make this read as irritating as possible.  I definitely laughed a lot while reading this, not because of clever humor or anything like that, but just because of how off-guard the stupidity in this was.  I don't know if I ever will get around to reading the last 10 chapters, of this, but if I do, I'd probably just be even more disappointed. Normally I'd say you can just get away with not giving a fuck about anything and enjoy the sex scenes, but even those are so lackluster and unfulfilling.

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