Love Me for Who I Am

Alt title: Fukakai na Boku no Subete wo

Vol: 5; Ch: 28
2018 - 2021
4.196 out of 5 from 466 votes
Rank #886
Love Me for Who I Am

Mogumo is a cute but lonely high school student who just wants a few loving friends. Fellow student Iwaoka Tetsu invites Mogumo to work at his family’s café for “cross-dressing boys,” but he makes an incorrect assumption: Mogumo is non-binary and doesn’t identify as a boy or a girl. However, Mogumo soon finds out that the café is run by LGBT+ folks of all stripes, all with their own reasons for congregating there. This touching manga explores gender, gender presentation, and sexuality from many different angles, including the ways people are pushed to conform in a world that doesn’t understand them…until the world begins to learn, one person at a time.

Source: Seven Seas

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Wow, that was unexpected. It's really on par with Shimanami Tasogare in how it explored LGBT themes.Keywords: manga, contemporary, gender and sexualities, LGBT, maid cafe, crossdress, gender dysphoriaRepresentations: nonbinary main lead, trans woman, pansexual, lesbian, gay side charactersTrigger warning: homophobia, internalized homophobia, transphobia, misgendering (?)REVIEWLove Me for Who I Am tells about a nonbinary high school kid who want to find a place where they belong. Their friend told them to work at a maid cafe where they can be who they really want.I was doubtful to start this manga because from the story blurb it was just like your usual gender bender or cross-dress manga with no sensibilities to real LGBT issues. Turned out I was wrong.The manga explored topics about gender and sexualities. It handled the topics beautifully in such a way that it respectful but the tone of the story is still very light. It's also very rare to find a manga with nonbinary main lead, not to mention feminine presenting one. The story also emphasized that gender presentation and gender identity are a very different thing. It also portrayed how painful it is to deal with homophobia and transphobia, especially if you live in a very conservative and non-accepting environment.There are misgendering on pages but it slowly resolved as the characters tried to be more accepting and tried to understand each other better.Apparently it is still on-going. But so far I really like it. I'll be waiting on how the story will unfold

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