Love Makes You Do the Unexpected

Alt title: Koigokoro wa Neko wo mo Nurasu

Vol: 1; Ch: 3
3.368 out of 5 from 31 votes
Rank #25,814
Love Makes You Do the Unexpected

Toru Asakura's a little mean, but very handsome. He's in love with Katsuyori Imai. The very popular novelist, Yoritomo Imai's sweet and spoiled younger brother Katsuyori works at a cafe and is trying real hard to make his relationship with Toru work! Toru's become really busy since he started working, and Katsuyori can only see him once a week. But, Toru cooks for him and has become a little nicer. One day, though, out of the blue, he asks Katsuyori if he's going back to France. Did he ask Katsuyori that because he wants him out of the way?

Source: Renta

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