Love Lucky

Vol: 7; Ch: 63
2004 - 2006
3.786 out of 5 from 227 votes
Rank #13,287
Love Lucky

Fuuta is an average-looking salaryman who's never had luck with women. However, all that changes when he meets a strange girl through a dating agency. She's nice, but has an odd habit of always wearing masks on their dates. One day, Fuuta sees his mask-wearing girlfriend being attacked by (what he thinks are) thieves. Fuuta saves her from them, and full of happiness and gratitude, the girl confesses and proposes to him. The night they get married, she finally takes off her mask and reveals her identity: She's the super-idol singer Kirari who Fuuta admires! Thus starts their life as a married couple.

Source: MU

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!!!This does contain minor spoilers!!! Its about a common salary man name Fuuta who sucks at love till he meets his idol Kirari threw a marraige party. She not allowed to get married so they hid it but get caught. Now her manger says if you hid it for one year i will allow it. Can Kirari and Fuuta last?   Characters- im going to start here because this is its strongest point.  Fuuta is a common salary man with no special talent expect (if you dont think can't keep a women is one). In the beginning he is weak. no self esteem, and the biggest pussy out there. But he changes threwout the manga from the point he first finds out the mask women secret. What i like most about him is he doesn't remind me of the 1000's of other weak male characters that stay weak. He is a a good guy with a trusting heart. Kirari is ur regular famous idol that everyone loves. First she pretty stupid and does things without thinking but over time she becomes a pretty smart. Picking up on things that get them out of trouble.The other characters are there, they get some time not much but you do understand where they come from. What makes this two chartacter shine is that they act like a real couple. go on date, hold hand, kiss, and have sex. I read over 200 manga where the most the two character got was a kiss or a confession. Which pisses me off. reading over 30+ chapters for that. Art- The art is perfect in my point of view. Not ugly at all and the artist did some good shading and gave them the expression. overall you cant hate the looks. Story- there are many mangas like this where a famous idol fall for common man but i have to say this one is done right. There is lots of Jelously but unlike many manga they know how to haddle it. (talk it out). The Comedy is not the best i read oneshots that are better. But the romance and and slice of life is done very well. Overall If you are looking for a manga with REAL ROMANCE, ecchi, idols, comedy this is for u. Also GREAT ENDING not rushed.

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