Love Lock

Ch: 68+
2019 - ?
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Love Lock

She was so tired of being heartbroken, over and over again, that she set the main goal in her life: to teach a lesson to each of those two-faced men who promised to give her the skies and earth under her. She was so carried away by her so-called 'deed' that she, herself, did not notice how the role has become her second nature. But what happens when the sudden appearance of an innocent-looking 'cat' changed her determination? Will she win over him like all the other guys she had ruined?

Source: MU

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A very beautiful story! A must read for those who are interested in sweet and emotional moments between a seemingly strong female character and a seemingly weak and cute male lead.  Warning: MAY CONTAIN MILD SPOILERS Story:  The plot itself is really very good. It's a romance plot alright but what makes this plot good is The pace of the plot is proper. It isn't too fast that readers get confused and it isn't too slow to be annoying.  The female and male lead get many good opportunities to get to know each other and spend time alone.  The plot keeps you interested while revealing only a part of the character's past, which I'm sure is going to be something important in the story.  It's unique and atleast I haven't read many stories with this kind of plot.  Art: The art is good and I like how all the characters look and the scenes as well but it's just not my favorite, though this kind of art style does make it look more realistic than the art style where all the people look too good to be real.  Characters: The Characters are also very interesting and they seem to have a personality with depth. The female lead is a strong and independent woman but she also has some weakness in her that she doesn't normally show. The male lead seems to be a weak and pitiful guy who had a hard time before meeting the FL but he can also be strong. So it's a good romace story with nice characters.  Overall: In conclusion, it's a good romance story and can be enjoyed while reading. I would recommend it if you like some emotional moments and sweet moments in the story with imperfect main characters. 

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