Love Is An Illusion

Alt title: Sarangeun Hwansang!

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Jun 25, 2018

( story review up to chapter 22, I dropped it.)

In the omegaverse, the alpha Dijon and the omega Hye-Sung meet each other. As usual, the omega goes into heat. However, Hye-Sung denies it due to his childhood belief of being an alpha. Dijon truly helps him with his heat since it's his first time with a heat. (I think, or its because he didn't have medicine nearby.) Dijon despises omegas and Hye-Sung despises Alphas. As usual, the omega keeps getting in situations then gets saved by the alpha. The entire story in my opinion is definitely not the best.

The beta assistant (I don't know his name) is my favorite. Dijon is super boring, but like the silent and kind father. Hye-Sung is super annoying, and always blaming Dijon. Spoiler: Hye-Sung gets pregant. Hating his child, he blames Dijon once again. Dijon gets happy, and writes more music of his happiness. -_-

The characters are well developed, but there isn't really any main characters. Just some side characters that aren't mentioned really. I love the scenario where they have a child. Often the children, if there is any, aren't mentioned.

2/10 story
10/10 art
6/10 characters
4/10 overall
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Dec 2, 2018

The adventure of the omegaverse continues. (Based on 37 chapters.)


I've seen this sort of twist happen, but not in this way I suppose.  My main issue is that this feels very contrived at times. I often feel that the darker twists aren't as developed as they should.  Especially with the rather unwilling and somewhat confusing reactions from the Omega of the relationship.  I feel like there's a lot more that could be done if it just wasn't so focused on the mental state of both sides of the relationship.


As to be expected, it's either well drawn or just sketchy art a lot for manga like this.   I don't find it unpleasant to look at.


Character wise I often feel like there's extremes.  And with only three of them do I feel they stand out more than others.  The Omega bugs me a lot in regards to just how he chooses his lifestly.  The beta comes off as being constantly jealous for what seems to be no reason.  The Alpha is basically reduced to almost a puppy at this point...  Honestly, I just feel like the drama doesn't justify the strange development.

Overall this stands out and I may finish it one day...  But it's one of those Omegaverse I kind of wish wasn't going into the drama direction it was.

4/10 story
8/10 art
6/10 characters
6/10 overall
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Dec 4, 2018

Absolutely love this manga, it is so so so very Good. Here we have a emotionally scarred but independent omega and a overbearing alpha that loves him and is trying to be what his uke needs...  There are some frustrating moments but the good moments are made just that much sweeter. Added to all this is the fact that in reading this I got to see a very unique omegaverse experience, that I would not have seen in any other manga in this genre thus far (yes I am teasing you..). Read it and find out what Im talking about, I highly recommend this awesome manga! <3

8.5/10 story
10/10 art
9/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
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