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Alt title: Sarangeun Hwansang!

Love Is An Illusion

Height Differences In Romantic Leads by Meron

Mangas with height differences in the main couples. This doesn't include huge age gaps where someone is in their teens with an adult, or elementary school students with high school students. Supernatural entities like...

What?! I'm an omega?! by AnnaSartin

Characters in these omegaverse stories originally believed they were alphas or betas, until it's discovered they were misdiagnosed and are actually omegas. In some cases, they actually WERE a different sub-gender until an outside...

Male Pregnancy (mpreg) by AnnaSartin

A male character is pregnant in these manga, or gets pregnant later on.

Omegaverse: Partially Translated by AnnaSartin

These Omegaverse manga, webtoons, and novels are partially translated in English. Currently running series available to read are also included here (even if all currently published chapters are translated) as well as currently...

Omegaverse: Alpha/Omega Couples by AnnaSartin

Omegaverse stories featuring romances between alphas and omegas.

Omegaverse: Omegas' First Heat by AnnaSartin

Going into heat for the very first time is a common occurrence in ABO stories. An Omega's first heat is often a frightening experience for those who are not prepared for this change in their bodies, and they are extremely...

BL webcomics by AnnaSartin

Boys-Love webcomics, with links to their official English, Korean, Chinese or Japanese sites. (Links may become broken over time if comics are removed from the publisher's site or if the company puts an age restriction block on...

Official English manhwa by RoyalOss

Official webcomics translated by Lezhin at Please support the official release!