Love Death.

Alt title: Nicochuu

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Jul 22, 2016

Warning this Review May Contain Spoilers

Ever wanted to kill someone because you love them so much, no? Honestly neither have I but here we go, here we have a story about two girls dying to kill each other because they love each other...pretty strange. I mean these girls go Yandere for each other at each other, kind of like a really overprotective relationship that has gone a bit far. But seriously these girls can fight, even if it was for some stupid reason like they need to love each other more, chill.


The chapters where short so I wouldn't expect too much but honestly these chapters being short is probably the best. You get some cute short comedic drama, bit of fighting between girls and then a soft ending normally involving crying in each chapter but it wasn't bad. The story honestly wasn't great, you don't get much character development but you do get some emotion from the characters which I believe is quite impressive being these are extremely short chapters. Bit repetitive though but worth it xx


The art was pretty decent, it really liked it and kind of considered making some new avatars from some panels but my main problem is that we don't see enough of it, again I repeat these are only short chapters which don't have this art isn't portrayed enough.


Characters were cute, they were worth reading this manga even with the slightly repetitive story the characters were nice enough that they can get away with it. Our main two girls are both along the lines of Yandere for each other and I know that that type of character isn't everyone's favourite. There is also the fact that the repetitive story didn't allow the characters to develop much but this would be a completely different manga if it focus on developing the characters, it doesn't need this development.

In conclusion: Worth it XD


6/10 story
8/10 art
7/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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