Love Celeb

Vol: 7; Ch: 37
3.38 out of 5 from 1,137 votes
Rank #12,468
Love Celeb

Sixteen-year-old Kirara Nakazono would love nothing more than to be a star actress, but she can't seem to get any gigs that matter. Luckily, her manager Hanamaki knows just the trick: he abandons Kirara in an apartment filled with lecherous producers so she can sleep her way into a role! As she's a virgin, Kirara irritatingly protests, and eventually is allowed to leave by a beautiful and powerful man named Gin with one caveat: he insists that she's his property, and in time he'll be the one to take her virginity. With Gin's blessing Kirara quickly finds herself a rising star, though she has more to handle than just her new career! Gin, her manager and other men can't keep their hands off Kirara; will she succeed in both work and love?

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