Love Affair (Novel)

Vol: 4; Ch: 168
2021 - 2022
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Love Affair (Novel)

Just how far will Seonu go to solve the mystery of her brother’s death? What is she willing to let her boss, Mundo, do to her body if there’s any chance it could bring her closer to the truth? Seonu’s life fell apart when her younger brother, Minu, died while working part time at a night club. Though the details were covered up, Seonu discovers that the incident was connected to the club’s VIP room booked by Yura Seo, a Seoul socialite well-known for her drug-fueled lifestyle. Yura is also the youngest daughter of the elderly chairman of Seodo, an international conglomerate. Seonu, who works at a ballet academy, finds out that Yura is hiring a live-in personal trainer. So, she decides she’ll apply for the job, hoping that working there will allow her to get clues to her brother’s death. During the interview, she meets Seodo’s Managing Director Mundo Seo: the man who will end up being Seonu’s boss and much, much more.

Source: Yonder

Includes 30 extra chapters.

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