Love Academy

Ch: 18
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Love Academy

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A not-too-shabby manhwa about a guy who finds himself locked in a boarding school against his prior knowledge or desire. It wouldn't be so bad, except he just scheduled his first-ever date with a girl he's had a crush on. The story revolves around him trying to escape from the school just long enough to have that date. Story: Surprisingly coherent for what I was expecting, but still pretty bland and straighforward. The ending is pretty unsatisfactory as well, although there might be hope for a sequel to improve on that matter. This work is entirely carried on the shoulders of the art and characters. Art: Hot dang. This one has a lot of really nice, vibrant colors, and detail to spare on the foreground. The backgrounds, when present, are quite nice as well, but unfortunately many panels are drawn with out a background, just some colors. Characters: Easily the best part of this work. The characters have just enough quirk and over-the-top qualities to be amusing, but they're all still grounded enough to be believeable and relatable most of the time. Background is given and well polished where applicable, and all of the side characters have clear motivation and personality. No two characters feel like they occupy the same narrative space as well, which is really nice. Overall: An amusing and pretty but simplistic story. Worth the read, but it's certainly not winning any awards. A note if you're here for the "Borderline H" tag: The H scenes are well done, but there aren't terribly many of them. The last several chapters don't have any at all.

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