Vol: 3; Ch: 27
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Teenage genius Hiyama is fed up with the world: daily life is boring, and everyone around him is little more than living filth. One day, after a particularly trying day of tolerating the human scum that populates his high school, the boy decides that the only logical solution is to completely destroy the world and all of its useless creatures, then rebuild it as he sees fit. To this end, the teenager starts dabbling in hypnotism, and in a matter of months has half the school and even part of society under his control! However, this violation of free will won’t go unchallenged: another highly skilled hypnotist is determined to outsmart and stop Hiyama. In this dangerous game of cat and mouse, which man has the intellect to outwit and outmaneuver the other?

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Bardokeeper Jan 2, 2019
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From my tumblr: Navegando entre las páginas El manga es corto, cuenta con tres tomos. Ni historias extras ni otros tomos para añadir a la historia (menos mal, más adelante explico el por qué). En su momento los compré porque eran baratos (cuando IVREA era muy barato en Argentina) y en ese momento no... read more



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