Lord Marksman and Michelia (Light Novel)

Alt title: Madan no Ou to Michelia (Light Novel)

Vol: 4+
2018 - ?
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Lord Marksman and Michelia (Light Novel)

“I’ll be waiting. Until the time when your arrows reach Shizreed.” The bow is the weapon of cowards. Having gotten used to hearing such phrases from his homeland, the girl’s words showed him the path for him to tread and he gained the things he wanted to protect. Two years later, the Kingdom of Brune entered an alliance with Zhcted and they joined forces against the Great Kingdom of Muozinel. The battle seemed to be going well until the Brune forces fell into an ambush and the war front collapsed, forcing Tigre’s troops to retreat in defeat. The one who saved him from his predicament was the Vanadis of the Kingdom of Olmutz, Ludmila. However, what awaited them were more battles. The fight against the forces of darkness in this age of legends starts now!!

Source: Shueisha 

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