Lord Marksman and Carnwenhan (Light Novel)

Alt title: Madan no Ou to Seisen no Carnwenhan (Light Novel)

Vol: 6
2019 - 2021
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Lord Marksman and Carnwenhan (Light Novel)

Under the orders of Elen, the commander of the Leitmeritz Army, general Tigre and the knight Lim retaliate against the invasion of the forces of the Kingdom of Asvarre. In the midst of the fierce battle, Tigre and Lim were suddenly abducted by a dragon and brought before the Queen of Asvarre, Guinevere, where she told them about an unbelievable tale. The founding king of Asvarre of 300 years ago, Artorias had revived and was trying to seize control over the lands. Guinevere requested for the cooperation of Tigre and Lim, but before they could, a mysterious man with even greater skills of the bow than Tigre stands in their way, referring to Tigre as the “marksman of the present”—. In a foreign land, Tigre and Lim faces off against a terrifying enemy.

Source: Shueisha

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