Long After the Ending

Ch: 60
2021 - 2022
3.947 out of 5 from 530 votes
Rank #5,574
Long After the Ending

Elena Taylor, the former villainess of a romance story, has decided to walk away from the main story and open a Romance Counselling business. As an independent woman trying to find her footing in society with her fledgling venture, she is given the hardest request she’s ever encountered: help the sub-lead of the main plot, Hugh Godwin, debut in High-Society and get married, or get kicked out of the building she lives and works out of! Elena soon realizes that she’s in trouble when she meets Hugh, a burly, muscular bear of a knight who’s been burned by love. Will Elena be able to convince Hugh to find romance and keep her business running?

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A very good romance set with 2 people stuck dealing with a strict, judgemental society. On one hand, we have a female lead who is seen as a "Casanova", but instead of the societal opinion just rejected an arranged marriage and dated a lot to try and find someone who wasn't a crappy guy. One the other, we have a male lead who is seen as a beefy, guarded man who is actually a big shy softie, dealing with the emotional damage that his crush left him with. The plot revolves around these two stubborn characters, and is amusing with how bold the female lead is, and how shy and clumsy the male lead is, both of which are rejected by societal norms. It focuses more on the female lead rejecting societal norms, and living her own life, as well as the male lead's learning of the societal norms after he ran from them to heal his injured heart. Their clumsy romance is very entertaining, and personally i rate it as a 9/10, but in a more objective sense it's an 8/10. The art can be a bit clumsy at times, and the female lead's lips tend to always look like they have lipstick on, but other than that the art's consistent and good. The story can have a few moments where, if you see them in the moment, you think "god that's not ok" but if you step back you see "oh, it's not that bad Like when the female lead ties up the male lead, in irder to shave his beard. It seems heavy handed and bad in the moment, but when you see that it's in an effort to clean him up, not just in a literal sense, but to actually get him prepared as the duchy's heir, it is more acceptable. Noble society isn't always good or bright. It's an annoyingly conservative, judgemental thing that hates anyone who breaks trends and isnt powerful. Considering the fact that the Male lead is never judged poorly once he shaves and gets fitting clothes, it isnt actually super harsh. For the female lead, though, the rumors are quite harsh, yet she lives without care for them, and that is an incredibly good trait to show in the manhwa

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