Little Mushroom (Novel)

Vol: 2; Ch: 89
2019 - 2020
4.574 out of 5 from 49 votes
Rank #302
Little Mushroom (Novel)

In the year 2020, Earth's magnetic poles disappeared and humankind was nearly wiped out by cosmic radiation. In the Abyss, home to the mutated xenogenics, there lived a sentient little mushroom. An Zhe is determined to go to the human base to search for his spore, which had been harvested by humans. Once there, however, he faces the omnipresent risk of discovery and certain death as he tries to keep his non-human nature hidden from the Judges, whose responsibility is to inspect for and eliminate xenogenics like himself. And of all the Judges, Colonel Lu Feng is the most perceptive and merciless―as soon as he determines that someone is a xenogenic, he will execute that person on the spot. But An Zhe's mutation goes undetected by Lu Feng's eyes, and so a tale of humans and xenogenics unfolds…

Source: Peach Flower House

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(Contains spoilers and opinions)(If you know me I have a problem with everything~) Starting with the story, it was different then most apocalypse genre. There was no zombies or superpowers human obtained when it started. The animal and plants turned into these monsters that can kill humanity especially the known weakest ones like ants and bees can kill and infect humans. It was something different than the normal zombies, which I appreciate. The most we get is the infected humans that turn into different living creatures called the heterogenous species who aren't 100% human. I love this idea!!! They look human at first and you can't directly tell it it's a human or heterogenous which leads to the moral dilemma of the human race of not knowing if someone is infected or not, not knowing if you killed a human or monster. The morality of humans at both perspectives is nice to see, one hand you can't let even one heterogeneous come into the base the other hand, you don't know if that was a human or not. DAMN. It was a great aspect to the novel though I wish there was more to it, it was fun to see the problems the humans are facing like 'are we even human anymore? This violates all laws of human nature' and such. I also liked how there was some sort of logical explanation to the apocalypse and an explanation of why things turn out the way they are even if I'm not sure if it's true or not (the logic). The world-building was well done considering this is in the distant future, I'm a little scared...Warning, do not get attached to any characters because the author will kill them off unhesitantly. I personally like this, because it's the apocalypse and people will surely die along the way. As well as the grave choices humans made for humanity. This story is pretty dark and tragic, seems like there is no hope, but there is a happy ending. Personally, I don't like the end. Mostly cause I have a tragedy fetish but also cause its complete BS. I'm not going to spoil the ending, but everything just worked out perfectly, huh?  Going on the character. This is where it fell flat for me. It's the stereotypical ML and MC. MC, An Zhe, is the shou, soft and naive, although he does draw his own bottom line and puts his own needs and goals first, which makes him different from some other stereotyped bubbly shou's out there. However, at one point he throws all that away for ML. The whole point he is here is for that goal, ML even put him at gunpoint. He risked everything for his goal but it's soon dismissed for ML, others may say it's romantic and such but, it's just bitter to me. Why throw your goals away for someone, you matter too. Not only does that bother me, but the fact that An Zhe was useless the entire time but, oh, he's suddenly the most important character and we need him. Oh wow, I totally didn't expect that! (Sarcasm)  And he's also the savior of humanity and all he had to do is die. (Hamilton reference) He really didn't do anything which is understandable considering he was just focused on himself and his spore. (The plot twist was predictable both of them)  As for character development, I liked how he gradually understood humans and their nature. As for ML, Lu Feng, stereotypical ML gong. stone-cold beauty with a tragic backstory which makes him emotionally complicated. The typical, I'm the strongest human alive but I'm lonely as fuk. Then An Zhe tears down his walls. What bothers me most is that Lu Feng never has to go out of his way for An Zhe. It's An Zhe who becomes sort of a doormat once he learns what a great person Lu Feng is by shouldering all that responsibility alone--the author emphasizes this very often. Sigh. As for the relationship, it doesn't become the main focus of the novel because of the whole apocalypse and all. Which I appreciate. However, there's not much of it going on, until the extras are in play. Where everything is resolved. As for side characters, the die-off like flies. They come and go. They all have their sense of morality but to me they where plain mostly cause they die off too soon for me to really remember them. For my favorite side character would be, Madam Lu, bless that woman. She brought depth to the novel that I didn't expect, and I sympathize with her dilemma. Crying. Overall. If you like reason and logic. Your morality challenged, plot over the romance, something more than the regular zombies, and if you love tragedy throughout your book and a happy ending in the end this is the book for you! Loved everything about the book, just that I'm getting tired of stereotypes in novels. This was a nice read to bypass the time. 

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