Limited Run

Ch: 70+
2021 - ?
3.912 out of 5 from 416 votes
Rank #6,566
Limited Run

Life is rough enough for a struggling young actor, but Yeon-oh has bigger problems at home with his gambling addict of a father. Between barely finding any work and constantly getting hounded by unsavory loan sharks, Yeon-oh finds himself reluctantly accepting a dangerous offer from a dangerous man...

Source: Lezhin

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I am only continuing to read this cause if I don't read something till the end, it keeps lingering in my mind.  So, the art is the only redeemable thing. It's really good. My eyes pop out every panel. Unfortunatelythe story and characters fall flat. It's the same repetitive shit. Poor MC and rich ML. MCs financial situation can only be improved with the MLS help and so they enter a contract.  The first scene only made me realise that this was gonna be another "he should never be your boyfriend" story. During their iret reaction, ML was rude as hell. I mean, he actually didn't need to but he was mean, insulting and made MC strip while asking his secretary if he could be satisfied with fucking him.  Likez wth?? Anyways,  the ML jumps back and forth from being nice and being an asshole. He literally does that and then tells the MC he got the wrong idea.  Rapes him multiple times right after MC got raped by others. Insults him, calls him a prostitute who sells him body knowing very well what poor background he comes from.  Honestly the characters are really boring. There is nothing to them. It's cliché so you already don't expect much from them. Typical cold ML who us rich ajd rapes but still has his head high up in the clouds. MC who is poor, is lonely, constantly gets raped, assaulted.  In the end they'll he end game but man, if I ever encountered a man like the ML I would beat thr shit out of him and never contact him aagin. Sorry, not into falling for rapists 

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