Limited Run

Ch: 34+
2021 - ?
4.272 out of 5 from 171 votes
Rank #3,980
Limited Run

Life is rough enough for a struggling young actor, but Yeon-oh has bigger problems at home with his gambling addict of a father. Between barely finding any work and constantly getting hounded by unsavory loan sharks, Yeon-oh finds himself reluctantly accepting a dangerous offer from a dangerous man...

Source: Lezhin

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The art is out of this world, amazing, chef's kiss. The plot is mehmeh, somewhat entertaining. But the characters are quite boring. Cold CEO with a backstory, MC who bends his back over to help his family. I don't like that the CEO is toeing the line between respectful and forceful. Pick one so I can see if the author wants to portray this relationship as romantic or not. If he's an asshole from the start, you could get away with calling it psychological (though I would still not like it much). If he's yoyo-ing between respectful and forceful, it's hard to determine the author's intention. One moment he backs off when he sees MC can't take *it* and I thought he was somewhat alright, but the next time they met, CEO straight up said, "We're not stopping in the middle this time. I'm going to have to FORCE it in even if I have to." Yikes. And he did force it in. I think that's rape, even if MC did technically agree to a contract. MC is quite a pushover in the first 13 chapters, but I could get where he's coming from and feel a bit sympathetic. I hope he gets character development to have the strength to leave his father. I also hope that his acting skills are portrayed, as I don't want to read about an actual incompetent actor, even if he's trying his best. Otherwise, I won't be able to dislike the other "snooty" actors who are currently portrayed as villains, when they are rightfully angry over losing a role to a person who has a sponsor. CEO ML seems to have a backstory for why he's singling out MC as his fake boyfriend when he could have chosen anyone else. Hmm kinda cliche, but I'll still wait for the reveal. Well, I'll see how it develops to adjust the rating. If you just want hot sex scenes, then you've come to the right place. The art is anatomically very good and the scenes are very hot. Though I don't like them much as they are dubious consent.

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