Lily (Yy)

Ch: 938
2016 - 2020
4.459 out of 5 from 607 votes
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Lily (Yy)

This is a school love story where Yilin bumps into the tomboy Ruoxi, sparking an interest between each other that slowly blooms. "Is that true? I, fall in love with a girl?" "Why everytime I saw her my heart is beating faster?" "How many times does she notice my burning face?" Yilin and Ruoxi both need an answer to going on.

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Introduction Lily (yy) is a Chinese manhua about two girls. Yilin and Ruoxi. It consists out of two volumes that provide completely different experiences. Since I can't read Chinese I had to read the English version (which was sometimes a little oddly translated). However, Webcomics translation seems to have stalled around volume 2 chapter 251. I managed to find 40 extra translated pages in hard to reach corners of the internet but that still means I can't continue on past volume 2 chapter 295.  SPOILER WARNING!!! Volume 01 What is love? Can I be in love with a girl? Does she see me the same way? Yes, we all know the typical topics of shoujo ai romance manga/manhwa/manhua. Before I start I'll just state that Lily is no different. But it doesn't act like it's different nor does it take itself too seriously. It's your typical vanilla shoujo ai manhua.  It's centered around the highschool days of our protagonists. 500 chapters of said highschool days. This means that while it doesn't innovate, it does provide a lot of depth. You get the feeling that you've followed the entire highschool period of Yilin and her fun group of friends and acquaintances.  Everything you expect to be in a vanilla shoujo ai romance manga is here. Love rivals, school play, heartbreaking backstories. It's not overly complicated and only adds to the highschool romance. No chapter is left without at least highlighting some sort of progression between the YinLi and her love interest.  But this means there is over 500 chapters of gradual romance. This does feel very, very slow. By spending time on the surroundings and the behaviour of the characters, the romance does feel more valuable. But you will need to spend a lot of time before you see it blossom.  SPOILER WARNING!!! Volume 02 Yili and Ruoxi are officially together and the show starts off with both attending college/university. Most manga I've watched actually finish with a kiss or the oh so forbidden confession and hand/holding. Rarily have I ever seen realistic physical affection or the trouble of sharing physical connection in manga.  That's exactly what volume 02 entails. The fun only begins when the relationship starts. Only now did I really value the slow pace of volume 01. As it made the characters and their friends feel more real to me. Combined with a lot of kisses, cuddling, and nervousness the relationship comes alive.  Yilin and Ruoxi are a bit older now and the manhua now actually does distance itself from the competition. It has earned the right to take itself a bit more seriously and does so in nicely.  China, or at least the older generations in china, don't seem to take kindly towards gay couples (yet). How does one deal with such societal pressure? They are both still dependent on their parents' finances so that they can live on their own. Both Yilin and Ruoxi seem to get quite the attention of the same sex. How do they deal with jealousy?  Overall, Volume 02 has to be one of my favorite shoujo-ai manhua, and I don't think any fan of the genre will be disappointed. It's not groundbreaking, doesn't act like it is. It's just a pleasant read. (If only I could find the translated pages and finish it myself :( )  

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