Lilim Kiss

Vol: 2; Ch: 24
2000 - 2001
3.448 out of 5 from 1,013 votes
Rank #10,630
Lilim Kiss

Takaya is the strongest and most handsome guy in school, but also the most misunderstood. His life is irretrievably changed one day when he finds a mysterious pendant and opens it - to his surprise, out pops a beautiful girl with F-cup breasts and wings on her back! Her name is Lilim, she's a succubus, and she also happens to feed off the life energy of humans. Unable to seal her away again, Takaya persuades Lilim not to feed on others, but to stay with him and only take his life energy. However, is Takaya really prepared for the consequences of having a beautiful, live-in succubus interfering with his life?

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Story:  The story is as simple as it can get.  A boy, Saiki, who seems tough and fights all the time, but is in fact a little bit of a softy, meets a girl, Lilim, under mysterious circumstances and over the course of the manga become closer and closer in a romantic relationship.  The girl happens to be a succubus, which is a monster known for feeding on male humans, but has a sweet and warm natured personality.  Due to either coicidenceor fate, they both have moles on similar areas of the body, which doubles the power of Saiki's energy that Lilim feeds on, and due to this Saiki restricts Lilim to feeding only on him.  Througout the first half of the manga, Lilim appears to really take notice in Saiki's energy, which is "tasty" for Lilim, but in truth she has "human" feelings of love for Saiki that even she doesn't fully understand.  Eventually, she realizes these feelings and gives in to them, but soon after is sealed once again by a somewhat antagonist.  The sealing induces memory loss every time it occurs, but since you cannot destroy "true love", Lilim still has feelings for Saiki when the seal is ocne again undone by him, even without her memories.  The atmosphere is almost like the entire first half of the Rosario to Vampire manga, but barely any comedy, unless you find it funny how the male student body of the all-boy school Saiki goes to tends to act when girls are brought into the picture of their conversations/lives, or comic relief out of the somewhat crazy Miu.  Covering all of the story, how so simple it is, is enjoyable never the less. Art:  The art is as simple as the story.  Character designs are very well done and the backgrounds are not half bad at all.  Although it is listed in the "ecchi" genre, there is really nothing revealing or eechi about it.  Even when characters are in baths, nothing is seen below the neck.  Since the manga is not meant for comedy, the art is not "wacky" or "looney" once in a while, and it is all straight foward.  Overall, the art is very nice and appealing for the manga and it's story. Characters:  The characters of Lilim kiss are well made and enjoyable for each of their positions, but are also so damn simple.  We have the main male protagonist, the beautiful, energetic, but wierd heroine, the smart best friend who happens to know all about the occult area in literature, the jealous and somewhat crazy girl who is also in love with the protagonist, the "antagonist" who is completely obsessed with the heroine, and the huge male student body that is completely envious of the main protagonist and his relationship with the heroine.  There is even the side character who jumps in for like a chapter or two that places one subject on the story that survives maybe 5-10 chapters.  For the total account of the characters, they may be as simple as both the art and story, but are indeed enjoyable and needed for every aspect of the story. Overall:  Overall, I found Lilim Kiss to be very enjoyable and heart warming.  Any fan of Romance and/or Fantasy should definitly enjoy reading it, without a doubt.  The story, art, and characters are all so simple, but enjoyable and worth looking over.  Th only reason I didn't provide a 9.5 or 10 for the story was because the ending kind of left me going, "That was a little bulls**t", but I wasn't bothered by it too much, leaving room for my enjoyment and satisfication of the entire manga.

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