Lightning Rod

Alt title: Desire King

Ch: 134
2016 - 2019
3.79 out of 5 from 157 votes
Rank #16,379
Lightning Rod

Dicky, a young man with a unique(?) physical feature, realizes his true potential, and his destiny... He sets out on a whimsical adventure with Dona, the beautiful professor, and Amelia, the prettiest girl in college.

Source: Toptoon

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First of all idk why it shows on this site its not finished but yes its done. Second of all if you like this gener definitelly read this. So yes its great and dont read more of this review if you dont want spoilers. This manhwa is done totaly in to comedy right from start autor shows you that you cant and never will understand wtf is going on. It hardly resembels prison school but its way different at the same time. The thing is if you just go for the moment its great but story is terribly writen at the same time and im not talking about soem stupid moments the only problem this story has is that it goes in circles later on and you feel like you read this part aleardy i fel that around ch. 100 but it got better later on. This ending was kinda unexpected that it ended in one chapter yet at the same point even if i would take another 130 chapters of these stuf i liked it. The main plot is about 2 girls and guy who fighting for eachother but again the way this is done it doesnt matter at all especialy early on i had so much fun reading it and sometimes i even wish there was no s*x. But i have to say there are some things that might be realy off for you some events are realy weird at least there is no rape and blackmail and stuf like this. Early on i felt like art is kinda off but later on idk why it was realy well done even those faces... also there are lot of eastereggs so if you know the movies. Also all of you who want to know about s*x yes its top tear. Characters they great yet 2 main girls are problematic the reson for that is that they jsut dont feel like they were at start. And another issue i had was with prof. she went to Russie she had there orgy and the was mad at MC cose he slept with other girl that part was stupid and didnt fit the theme.  There are many more things that i could talk about but i just dont want to write a book here so if you want tot talk about this msg me .

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