Life Senjou no Bokura

Alt title: Life: Happiness depends upon ourselves

Vol: 1; Ch: 5
2016 - 2017
4.366 out of 5 from 161 votes
Rank #736
Life Senjou no Bokura

The serious Ito and the child-like Nishi meet by chance during a single player game of “White Line Game” on the way home from school. Falling in-love, Ito gets frustrated over the fact that they only get to rendezvous on the white line and suddenly kisses Nishi. From high school, college and then to adulthood… the deeply moving lives of two men who are madly in love with unchanging feelings within changing realities.

Source: MU

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Anime5150's avatar
Anime5150 Oct 29, 2017
Score 10/10

I cried like a Fucking Baby!!!! Than re-read it and cried some more. This story is so beautiful and well told beyond belief. Omg, The white line at the end, than their together again. I lost it so many times. My husband and two kids were very concerned about me, its was probably because of my blood red eyes and runny nose. If u love a beautiful story about love & life this manga is for u.  read more

skycloud28's avatar
skycloud28 Sep 9, 2017
Score 10/10

Please if you are reading this then prepare yourself for crying your eyes out. The story is  amazing and the characters to but don't judge a book by its cover. The story starts of with warming your heart up by two men being faithed by the line that connects them together. They start to talk more with each other and begin to have feelings for one another. As the chapters go on goes their age you begin to... read more


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