Life Is Dead

Vol: 1; Ch: 10
2.902 out of 5 from 18 votes
Rank #38,052
Life Is Dead

Zombies can turn humans by both biting them and as a STD. Now that this virus is running rampant the government is trying to control it by putting a collar on ever zombie over level 3. Unfortunately for Yukio, he is a level 3.

Source: MU

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story: 3.5/10  with this manga's story line i feel a lot more could have been done to it. i dont quite understand how Yukio is a level 3 zombie yet the zombie he got the virus from (Akane) is only a level 1. this need to be explaiuned better and in more detail overall showing how the Author (Koizumi Tomohiro) saw the virus ant his oppion on how the virus would work as such. art: 7/10 the art for the manga could have been better. i say this because the rotting courpses look like they've just been beaten up and are now covered in bruises however the structure of the artist way for drawing people was very good and clear allowing someone even as blind as me to clearly see what was happening in each section. characters: 4.5/10 again the characters could and should have been introduced better to allow us to fully understand whats going on in that persons life and how they were dealing with current problems, in this case the virus. Yukio a level 3 infected zombie  Akane a level 1 infected zombie (Akane passed on the virus to Yukio during sex) yukio's mother and father (not much know about them other than them being his parents and his father being infuriated by local hassleing teens that often call names at Yukio telling him to die or leave the city). Yukio's doctor and the assistant nurse (we arnt told anything about them and as far as the story gose we know Yukio has some form of ralations with the assistant nurse) overall: 3/10 everything could have been better in my opinion however do not take my work for this read it for yourself and make your own choice  ~TⓍNI

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