Life Howling

Ch: 57
2015 - 2016
4.257 out of 5 from 364 votes
Rank #1,417
Life Howling

Jung Yoon-hwan may be an orphan but he was a college student who was focusing hard on his studies. One day he is brought to a mysterious "White room" to fight even when he does not want to. Every time he defeats these monsters he gains psychic power, magic, and items beyond his imaginations...

Source: MU

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DeputyNorth's avatar
DeputyNorth Dec 25, 2017
Score 10/10

Great Story, I enjoy the concept of this Manwha and I will enjoy reading further. read more

Slade1818's avatar
Slade1818 Oct 1, 2017
Score 8.5/10

Made by the same guy who made The Gamer but this manga is a little more violent. It has levels and points to spend on powers and items. read more


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