Leviathan (Gyeong-tak LEE)

Alt title: Simhaesu

Ch: 214
2018 - 2022
4.565 out of 5 from 515 votes
Rank #339
Leviathan (Gyeong-tak LEE)

Over a century ago a comet struck the Earth, causing the sea level to rise and engulf the continents one by one. What's left of mankind now lives aboard ships that float the endless ocean, and beneath the surface, giant, bloodthirsty giant sea creatures lurk, waiting to devour the flesh of divers that breach the surface. Bota and Lita are two young siblings that live aboard a scavenger vessel with their father, who tells the pair about legendary harpoonists who protected humanity from the monsters. And when tragedy strikes, one such harpoonist, Kana, takes them under her wing - but nothing can prepare Bota and Lita for the horrors that are to come...

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Can't believe there's still no review for this masterpiece, I'll keep it brief. A young boy with his sister are on a ship living with his dad, the whole world seems to be submerged in water and sea monsters have taken over the sea, one day the boy and his sister spot a building while roaming through the sea and his dad decides to explore it (they hadn't found any buildings on the surface for quite a while so it was a big deal) and when he comes back Bota, the young boy spotted a figure that resembled a human being waving at them asking for help, his dad quickly realized that that was no human being and that under them was a huge sea monster. What will happen is something I will let you find out yourself, the whole plot revolves around the young boy and his sister and their journey throughout this water-submerged world, about the hardships they face and how they overcome them and how crucial it is to stay attentive to your surroundings. Beware that this manhwa contains very graphic content such as torn off limbs of monsters and blood spread everywhere, not forgetting the disturbing look of some sea monsters of this world and the fact that everything is fully colored with a lot of detail.If you want a story where you are on the edge of your seat eager to see what's gonna happen in the next chapter or even while you're reading that very chapter, where you go from feeling disturbed by the sea monsters to amazed by the beautiful artstyle of some characters and scenes and where you end up feeling truly immersed in the story and characters forgetting the outside world, then this is your manhwa

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