Leveling Beyond the Max

Alt title: Mallepbuteo Level Up

Ch: 45+
2021 - ?
4.072 out of 5 from 638 votes
Rank #8,257
Leveling Beyond the Max

After a car crash mysteriously transports him to a land of martial arts, Cha Shinhyun trains for 140 years and becomes the strongest being in Murim. But when he returns to Earth, it’s nothing like he remembers. Though he is finally reunited with his sister, the home he once knew is now filled with people called “hunters'' who defeat monsters to level up their powers in a constant race for survival. Now he must start back at level 1 and work to exact revenge on the person who altered his fate!

Source: Tapas

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Well, well .. It's your typical korean hunter/ranker manhwa with an overpowered MC. Can't really say anything more to it right now. There's not enough content so far to see a specific direction. One thing I liked here so far is that this one doesn't seem to be all about wealth and fame (in other words: greed) as most other of its kind. One thing that definitely fucked me up from the beginning was that sister of him. Even though she was a little bit annoying from the start, what really made me dislike her was: When they both stood at their parents graves and he couldnt spare a tear, she was pouting like "Why don't you cry? Don't you have any feelings?". Then she ran away saying "Well, I lived alone for so long now, anyways" and after a few steps she turned around: "He's not even following me! Mean brother!". Haha, die bitch. Period.She knows exactly that he spent 140(!!) years in another world. Even if you don't consider what kind of brutal world it was and just consider the amount of time ... She's completely egoistic here, implying he never missed or cried for his lost parents. What does she even know? Did she even TRY to look into his situation or at least try to understand him a little bit? No, because, no matter how tsundere and self-centered you are, if you tried to care just a little bit, then you wouldn't say something like that. I'm really, really, really happy that he didn't run after her right away as if acknowledging her spoiled toddlers attitude. But, either way, I know that he will still do it and apologize a few chapters later. It's that ominous tsundere power. One does not simply NOT apologize if a tsundere asks you to! Because, if you don't, every other character will say that you're in the wrong. (Btw, thats why I hate tsundere) Of course I can understand her to some extend, but that's because I tried to understand her. She, on the other hand, obviously didn't even do that much for her brother, yet she one-sidedly expects him to understand her instead. And that vice leader is telling (rather forcing him) to do the same. To be honest, at that point I'd be like "Well, if that's what you want. Bye bye" and wouldn't even look back until she apologized! Actually I'm so agitated because of pent up frustration from various tsundere ... I wouldn't even accept her apology at all, I guess, even knowing I'd be nothing better than her at that point! If this overdramatized mimimi bullshit of hers isn't resolved in the next few chapters either by her death or her earnest apology, I'll drop this manhwa because of ONE fckn tsundere sister. When he finally apologized as expected, what came from her? "It took you long enough to say that!". Girl, if you wanna be acknowledged as an adult, behave like one first.

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