Let's Kill Your Husband - Custom lists

Alt title: Ne Nampyeoneul Jugigo Sipeo

Let's Kill Your Husband
  • Living Will
  • Let's Kill Your Husband
  • Kill Me Now
  • Getting to Know Grace
  • Best Served Cold

Dark/Psychological Yuri Manga by mellowel

Tired of cheerful, heartwarming slice-of-life yuri? Want something edgier and more complex? Try these stories.

  • A Cat's Tale
  • About Jane
  • A Bookstore Romance
  • 200% In Love
  • 4 Week Lovers

Official English: Manta Comics by kpossibles

Webtoon and webnovel series licensed on Manta. This list is ongoing and will be updated as needed. Please support the official releases! https://manta.net/