Legend of Heaven's Door

Alt title: Tenkuu no Tobira

Vol: 12+; Ch: 45+
2011 - ?
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Legend of Heaven's Door

Heaven Door is the magical place that will grant any of your wishes... some wishes are a blessing, some are just nightmares...The world returned to peace after Ray, the lightning champion and his party defeated King Diablo, the demon king who invaded the human realm. However, shortly after the victory, the heroes were killed by poison, including Roush Moderia's father, the most prominent and fastest "Macro Drivers." One day, the absolute nemesis of humanity that intends to reach Heaven's Door, returned to Roush's village... but it wasn't Diablo or any other demon. It was the most unlikely person that everyone used to admire. Having his village burned and sister being kidnapped, Roush now has to form his own party to stop the evil threats...

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