Vol: 14+; Ch: 90+
2015 - ?
3.871 out of 5 from 1,129 votes
Rank #8,256

Reiji Saeki living in the north eastern countryside town lost his life in an accident during summer vacation... But before he knew it, a mysterious ball of light exist in front of his eyes in a world of whiteness. Being a magician from a parallel world, that ball of light is looking for someone qualified to inherit the magic they had created to prevent it from being lost. Reiji who took on that suggestion lives in the parallel world, Elgin, with a new body and powerful magical power.

Source: MU

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Never have I read a more ridiculously bad story like this one.  First off, even the author doesn't respect or remember what he wrote at the beginning and how the world-consistency should be reflected in the story. The MC gets revived into a new world as a chosen Beast magician. He only 'tames'(rather summoning) one legendary a rank griffin right after being reincarnated like its nothing, while it is stated by his predecessor that it should be the hardest thing in the world. The rules set up on MC are : - don't let anyone know that you tame magic beasts - don't befriend anyone as your unique status will lead people to deceive or abuse you and try to steal or even kill you - live solo, till you find the other eleven chosen mages of his like All these rules are written and stated as absolute in chapter and are instantly thrown out the window. The rules don't matter. He rushes into the next city, shows everyone openly his legendary beast and befriends almost everyone. Taking quests solo is also thrown out the window as chapter 4 went to be. While one may think the characters are interesting not one of them is, not even MC. All that is happening is some 2 to 3 panel long fights that are horrible depicted as the art style is very generic and nothing special. The characters simply talk for eternity. There is more talks and unnecessary explanations and conversations than any kind of action or story progression. The story so far has also been a pain to experience. Overall i don't know how anyone can grad this higher than 4 points overall. Everything is lacking:story, art, characters. There are only 2 options to me why this is so bad: a) the author is really bad and got simply dragged through by editors to maybe establish another better story in the Future (thank God, the author didn't make a new story or was neglected with newer drafts afaik) or b) author is purposely this bad to simply make a dime, bc the story feels forced and is hardly enjoyable. All tags don't really apply : it's more of a novel than a Manga. More text than panels and actions. 'op-MC'? Hell no, it's a pathetic existence with typical cringe isekai aspects. This 'manga' is addressed for an audience that at max is 14 years old. Everyone else will quickly notice how bad this is as long a you've read one of the real good ones. Not like this work of trash. Don't waste your time, energy and money. 

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