Learning the Hard Way

Alt title: ljinnyeo Gwaoehagi

Ch: 92
2020 - 2022
4.037 out of 5 from 600 votes
Rank #2,978
Learning the Hard Way

Bullied ruthlessly by girls in high school, Jinhoo’s done his best to put his past as a complete loser behind him. However, one day, he finds out that his newest tutee is his ex-bully, Yejin! Despite flunking the college entrance exam twice, Yejin’s only interested in her dildo and is adamant that she doesn’t need a tutor. However, as she starts to torture Jinhoo as per usual, Yejin realizes that there are some things that Jinhoo can teach her…but they’re going to have to find out the hard way.

Source: Lezhin

Includes 35 extra chapters.

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Learning the Hard Way is an interesting manhwa. It uses perhaps the most cliche trope in all of manhwa (the bully to lover trope) and does so quite generically. Even so, there is a lot to enjoy about this interpretation of that trope. Story: 7.5/10.For a manhwa, Learning the Hard Way has the reverse problem that most do. Instead of starting off with an interesting plot and slowly becoming more and more receptive, Learning the Hard Way actually starts off pretty shaky with its story. It handles the bully to lover trope very poorly in the early chapters. It has a big pay off for this 'arc', but the issue is as an audience they never really make us believe the MC was bullied. Its pace is too fixated on the shmex scenes, making the plot lose its steam before it even truly begins. However, what saves the story is the After Story. It is a series of 35 extra chapters that ditches a lot of the stupid love triangle bits for more intersting scenarios. This is arguably where the manhwa is at its peak, which is rare since the first half of the story is quite frankly a 6/10 at best. This section redeems a lot of the shortcomings in the earlier chapters. Art: 9/10.The art is great. The only flaw is that every character tends to have the same proportions, which is an issue a lot of manhwa face. Characters: 8/10.Yejin Lim is a great and her main competitor of Chae is also great in her own right. The only issue with the Yejin is that her arc of going from bullied to lover has all the right steps to be great, but since they rush into shemx scenes, it loses the build up to make the payoff worth it. All the side character are also great, however, they do suffer from being under-utilized. Kasha is a stand out chaarcter, who while only getting 3 major shmex scenes, stands out so much for her striking design. I just wish her and the other characters could have more time to develop, they are all truly great and could have helped immensely in diversifying the love drama between Yejin and Chae. (And here is a tierlist I made for all the girls) Overall: 8/10. Still a great read!

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