Law of Ueki Plus

Alt title: Ueki no Housoku Plus

Vol: 5; Ch: 46
2005 - 2007
3.812 out of 5 from 196 votes
Rank #5,354
Law of Ueki Plus

It’s been over two years since the God Candidate tournament and Ueki and Mori are about to graduate from middle school and reunite with their former teammates – that is until the entire world loses their memories of the people they care most about! After locating the culprit, Ueki and Mori discover that the lost memories are stored within a bizarre animal named Wool and to release them, Ueki – as the only person unaffected by the phenomenon – must travel to the Megasite within the world of Hangenkai, a land populated with power users. But having lost his power to turn trash into trees, and being unable to use his sacred weapons, can Ueki obtain new strength and manage to make it to the Megasite to return his world to normal?

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cassiesheepgirl Nov 13, 2010
Score 4.7/10

Story: Life is full of inevitabilities and uncertainties. Considering how much I loved the first Law of Ueki manga and the anime adaptation, I was bound to read the five-volume follow up, Law of Ueki Plus. Whether I liked it or not was not so obvious, since sequels are a bit of a dangerous area; some simply repeat the format of previous successes and feel uninspired or dull as a result, whereas... read more

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