Latna Saga: Survival of a Sword King

Alt titles: Igye Geomwang Saengjongi, Survival Story of a Sword King in a Fantasy World

Ch: 185+
2019 - ?
3.937 out of 5 from 3,363 votes
Rank #5,637
Latna Saga: Survival of a Sword King

After being recently discharged from military service and just drifting through life, Hanbin Ryu is suddenly transported to another world. However, his “guide line,” the system bestowed upon him to help with his survival and growth, was filled with errors, causing him to be stuck in the tutorial stage for over 20 years. When he is finally released from this personal hell, he finds everyone has turned against otherworlders like him. Just how will this low-level, super-tutorial newbie survive?

Source: Tapas

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This one is really difficult for me because I thought the first 10 chapters were among the best I read in every manwha out there. Like it's pure joy of seeing the mc grind every day and slowly become stronger. It's the reason we love these type of stories. Every minute of mc's suffering was paid back in strength and experience, pure bliss. I remember even praising the author in every chapter because it was so rare to see an OP character done right.  *Mild spoiler*Then the story continued and the mc started his journey. The basis of what he was supposed to do has been CLEARLY explained and he knows his goal. I repeat the mc knows his final goal so from that point forward you'd expect him to focus on it. You know why? Because unlike other MCs he wasn't directly given power and hard to work his azz off to become strong with the only goal of surviving. With such a background you expect to see him continue on this journey but with more freedom since he's out of loop. But that was without counting on Author-san. I think we already know author-san by now and how they like to F up stories and characters.This mentally and physically strong dude became a putz. There is no other words do describe him. He doesn't want to fight and decide to hide the fact that he's strong. I understand why because it's somewhat explained but nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing he did while in that town helped move the story forward in any way. Making an OP character appear weak only works when it serves a specific purpose. Making an mc purposefully hiding his strength just to make him use it later and say some philosophical bull is crap storytelling. It was just chapters wasted on slice of life and drama. He can't take any decisions by himself anymore and become a sad emo like freaking Sasuke, I mean really dude? As if it wasn't enough now we have to deal with a trap who forces himself on the MC's party and become his companion for no reason. I hate passive mc but what I hate the most is overbearing secondary and side chara. The type that follows the mc everywhere and talk over him or coerce him into hemping them and now the supposedly badass mc becomes an obedient dog. You thought this would be the new Solo leveling in the beginning right? Well now it's a drama flirting on yaoi with occasional fight scenes. The mc is not even the mc anymore since the focus is now on side characters. If you came here for the muscle on the cover read the first 11 chapters and bounce otherwise you'll be highly disappointed.


Oh hero!  (This Isekai Is Not Your Friend…) While at first glance it might look like your average isekai, it’s anything but!  There’s a whole lot more plot than you’d expect, and a surprise twist I can’t explain without spoilers but I really wish I could gush about.  Not everything is as it seems with this manhwa, so you should stick it out for the first couple of awkward chapters.  The art isn’t the usual bold, highly shaded, masterpiece that most people look for, but it’s good.  It’s original, and different, much like the rest of it.  The characters are all unique people, no cut-and-paste cutout people here.  Honestly, one of my favorites, and I’ve read a lot of isekai.  Ryu Han-Bin is summoned into a mysterious new dimension and given the short end of the stick by the gods/entities that did it and left him basically helpless.  Because of a glitch/error, he’s left to suffer alone, but he’s a determined character who makes you want to support his struggle as you read.  He’s a really determined character, very shonen protagonist, willpower 100.  And when he decides to do something, he does it, and he sticks to it.  The manhwa is really fun and filled with action and good art and I absolutely consider it worth it.  A lot of negative reviews are (imo) because of what this manhwa is not.  This manhwa is not a basic cheat isekai where a hot/cute guy gets a thousand girls.  This manhwa is not a simple, mindless comedy where you go ‘haha, boobies’ every couple pages.  It’s original, it’s different, and it’s a good read with fun content. 

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