Land of the Lustrous

Alt title: Houseki no Kuni

Vol: 12+; Ch: 104+
2012 - ?
4.387 out of 5 from 958 votes
Rank #83
Land of the Lustrous

In a world inhabited by crystalline lifeforms called The Lustrous, every unique gem must fight for their way of life against the threat of lunarians who would turn them into decorations. Phosphophyllite, the most fragile and brittle of gems, longs to join the battle. When Phos is instead assigned to complete a natural history of their world, it sounds like a dull and pointless task. But this new job brings Phos into contact with Cinnabar, a gem forced to live in isolation. Can Phos’s seemingly mundane assignment lead both Phos and Cinnabar to the fulfillment they desire?

Source: Kodansha

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I'm in utter disbelief after catching up on the 95 chapters available, if you want to know what it's like to be an AOT fan then read this manga. Land of the lustrous had that same AOT Eren and Tokyo ghoul kaneki type storyline and will leave you in shock. It's one of those stories where you know abosolutley zero about its world and you can't assume anything since it's not based on a current time period or even involve humans. Although I can't a hundred percent compare this to attack on titan, I can't help but feel both mc's dealt with the same issues leaving you with so much to think about at the end (one of those look how far we've come, was it worth it kind of moments). After each chapter I had to discuss with myself outloud and process what just happened, the eeriness and unpredictability of this world and it's foes constantly loomed a sense of uneasiness over the reader. Moving on to the characters of the story I couldn't help but to emphasize with them, each battling personal issues on top of the constant threat of being shattered to pieces and taken to the moon. The story follows 28 humanoid gems and their sensei as they fight to defend themselves from "moon people" who appear during the day, with one goal, to shatter the gems and use them as jewelry and ornaments on the moon. Our mc is the underdog, clumsy/fragile and filled to the brim of quirks, but what's interesting is how they develop throughout the story, I'd have to say they are the one character I'd stick by to the end. Being not only the weakest in terms of hardness, but also the youngest our mc has to find their place within the small society they've built. Ultimately if you read this be prepared to go on an emotional rollercoaster of not only just sad and happy, but tense and suspenseful. LOTL deals heavy with mental health, although it's not dwelled upon in full many of the characters go through mental breakdowns, and honestly you might too after reading this. When I tell you this is a story it's a STORY with levels and layers and I truly commend the author (I just hope that there's more to it than this, it's just to sad TT)

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