Lady Evony

Alt title: Ebony

Ch: 122+
2019 - ?
3.942 out of 5 from 1,249 votes
Rank #5,610
Lady Evony

Accused of being a witch and a murderer, Evony’s imprisoned. For years, she awaits the day of her execution, her back bearing scars from beatings inflicted by the guards who despise her. But one day, she is granted her freedom and placed into the guardianship of Grand Duke Schneider. Warmed by his doting staff and under his admiring tutelage, she regains her strength and becomes the wild card in an intricate game of power. With nothing to lose, will Evony orchestrate a new future for the empire?

Source: Tapas

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Got to say om highly dissapointed, saw alot of good reviews but this just left a bad taste, its pure feminist teash if you ask me, i really dont care if the storys want equal treatment and stuff as long it fits in, but it just doesnt fit in anywhere in a story thats about middleages, the whole country takes a dump om women but apperantly this one guy magically see women different? Whats worse is this damn MC is the worst sexist there is if you actually take a good look at it, my guess is the story is written by a virgin beta or a woman as nothing makes any damn sense, it starts off with the dude just casualy strolls in on the woman bathing and fprcefully starts cleaning her??? Then a day later suddenly he is highly worried about her self worth, thoughts, feelings and her own self governing. Not to mention he suddenly want to shower her in houses and gifta, a bloody woman who he dont know or have any feelings for, sure you could use the excuse "he is a good man thats why" but if that was true, how many women in that country dont suffer as bad as as t Ebony woman, this is the middleages setting after all, so if the MC just casualy gives off mansions and expensive gifta to every random woman he dont know why only Ebony? The overly trying to "women are powerfull and we will fix all world sexism" just ruined it for me, it Suits the future and now in 2020, but it really doesnt suit the middle ages, and if we where so nice as to overlook that and say a female ruler won the war and used the "since you won you can get anything" on a damn deathrow inmate?????? Also the story is heavily ruined by the fact the MC got absolutely no damn reason as as give her gifta and all that crap, if it was for love sure its a ok reason, but he really got no reason at all to give her shit, if he was this generous with rabdoms he would given those things to random beggers ok the Street long before meeting ms deathrow.

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