Ladies Versus Butlers! (Light Novel)

Alt title: Redi x Bato! (Light Novel)

Vol: 13
2006 - 2012
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Ladies Versus Butlers! (Light Novel)

On scholarship, Hino Akiharu has transferred to Hakureiryou Academy to become a member of the Servent Education program, destined for life as a butler in the houses of the fabulously wealthy. But on his first day, a chance accident causes him to land hands-first on the chest of the school's most voluptuous and prestigious student, Selenia Iori Flameheart. Now, struggling under the punishing Servent-Ed curriculum, tormented by his childhood friend Tomomi and annoyed to no end by the pompous Selenia, Hino has to find a way to make his grades, make some friends, and make it through at least one day without stumbling upon an unfortunate, naked coed!

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