La Pomme Prisonniere

Alt title: Hita-Hita

Vol: 1; Ch: 15
3.105 out of 5 from 82 votes
Rank #36,353
La Pomme Prisonniere

A misty day at the waterfront.

Source: MU

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Story Okay, So this manga may not be so great if your looking to read something with a in depth story. However, the little episodic stories within are at times cute and at other times disturbing. Id say this would go down easy for someone who didn't like to read. Mainly because there are barely any words. I want to call it a bunch of small interlinking light stories but because of the nudity and some of the things the cats do which are borderline gross, I can't really say it's a light read either. What I can say about this manga is that it is unique. It's rare to find a manga about a girl getting sexually turned on by her cats. However they still keep it tame enough to not really justify a bestiality warning.    Art This is what made the manga really shine. I felt it was really drawn well. The person who drew the pictures really knew the female body as well as how cats act look and move and was able to accurately portray them on paper. Honestly this manga is all about the art since there are so few words. That is why the art really has to be good and it delivers in this way.   Characters Honestly there isn't much depth to the characters. I'd say the cats showed more personality. If I was to say what came across about the main female character and later on the other similar character it would be their exhibitionist behavior and their unnatural relationship with cats. The reason this got a higher ranking than the story is because some of the cats. The cats were drawn really great and their personalities and quirks were really exhibited well. Overall This manga if read in it's entirety is really just made for a small nitche audience. I wouldn't really suggest the whole manga. However, if you have no issue with nudity the first few chapters were cute.   - Daily Manga Marathon Club

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