Kyuuteii no Musume (Light Novel)

Vol: 3+
2020 - ?
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Kyuuteii no Musume (Light Novel)

You Kouran (Yang Xianglan) is an aspiring doctor. One day, she hears rumors about a back-alley doctor named Byakuren (Bailian) who can heal any ailment. Driven by her sense of justice, she heads to his clinic in hopes to convert him. There, she sees him perform surgical operations she's never seen before and she ends up becoming his apprentice. However handsome and remarkable he may be, he possesses a foul personality and hides a secret. Thus, the curtains opens on this Chinese-styled fantasy where the meeting between a back alley doctor x aspiring palace medic will make ripples of changes through the imperial harem.

Source: MU

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