Kyuusen no Shima

Alt title: Hades Island

Vol: 2; Ch: 11
2012 - 2013
2.521 out of 5 from 108 votes
Rank #16,468
Kyuusen no Shima

Yuuma is summoned back to his home island after the death of his mother and asked to become the next head of the wealthy Nuenaki family. He has certain misgivings though and rejects the offer. However after the current head dies not a day after his arrival, he has no choice but to become involved.

Source: MU

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Ryukami's avatar
Ryukami Mar 27, 2018
Score 6/10

On an island trenched in tradition and secrets, a young boy is set to inherit the Nuenaki household after the passing of his mother, Yuuma has no intentions of doing so but after some unforeseen events he has no choice and has to become the next head of the Nuenaki household. Story is intriguing and suspenful, but soon becomes rushed and has an open ending with no real conclusion. Art is great, but make no... read more

Thrawn's avatar
Thrawn Apr 27, 2015
Score 6/10

I think it's only fair to review this in two ways: The Main plot and the Omake plots, but in some ways, they overlap. And by overlap I mean titties. After the jump, boobs. Story (Main) So, it starts out great: This guy is running, he has a mask over his head, or some kind of sack with an eye hole (Eye, only one to make it even more frea-kay) and a mouth hole; screaming for someone to save him because OH SHIT... read more


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