Kyoushitsu no Katasumi de Seishun ga Hajimaru

Vol: 1; Ch: 9
2020 - 2021
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Kyoushitsu no Katasumi de Seishun ga Hajimaru

Yoshida Marimo can always be the main character only for a moment. She just want to be famous, but she always runs idle and becomes the bad guy. On the other hand, alien Nell has a dream of "I want to do XX" on Earth… Where are the two bumpy dreams going...? Besides, a child who hides being an otaku. A child who plays her ideal self on social media. A child who believes she is special and does not doubt. A child who confirms her own value by playing with the good man. There are many "secrets" in the classroom. She didn't really know that girl next desk. There were times when she couldn't tell things even that girl she loved.

Source: MU

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