Kyou kara Ore wa!!

Vol: 38; Ch: 366
1988 - 1997
4.171 out of 5 from 353 votes
Rank #1,145
Kyou kara Ore wa!!

Moving into a new neighborhood sometimes requires you to conform, in order to get along with the new people around you. Or, you can be like Takashi and make the neighborhood adjust to you! With steely determination and a new blonde perm, Takashi is ready to make himself the top dog of high school delinquents. But facing him is another recent arrival to his new school, with a hairstyle just as rebellious and radical. Faced with the fearsome 3rd year punks as well as this outside challenger, will Takashi be able to realise his dreams of classroom dominance?

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The story: It´s a story about two boys called Mitsuhashi and Itou. They're both going to a new school en decide to change their lives. They want to be delinquents, and not just delinquents, they want to be the best. Overal this manga lacks a good plot. At first you'll think that every chapter is on his own, but in the end there are some small stories within the whole story. Maybe that the lack of storyline in this manga makes it so fun to read. Characters: Besides Mitsuhashi and Itou there are 4 more characters who play a bigger role in this manga. I won't spoil too much of the story but there are two enemies/friends Imai and Tanigawa (it changes in the story) and two girls, Riko and kyoko. I think that everyone can strongly relate to this 6 charachters, and I don't mean personal. But all of them have their own unique personalities. Both the main characters are very strong. Although the big difference between the to (wich is also the reason for a lot of funny moments in the manga) is that Mitsuhashi will do any thing to win, this includes using tricks, pranks, and other unfair things. Itou is the oppostie of Mitsuhashi, he believes in al the good in the world and will do anything for a fair fight. This makes him a little naive. Overall: This manga made me laugh so many times. Al the situations they get involved in. The characters and their personalities. I would recommend it to anyone who likes comedy manga's. Every chapter was fun on itself. The reason why I give this manga a 9.5 is the ending. This manga has a rushed ending, and Im not over reacting. I don't know why but it all ends in two chapters with an open end wich doesn't make much sence. But like I said before the manga doesn't includes a heavy storyline so it's still a great manga.

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