Kyo Kara Maoh!

Alt title: Kyou Kara Ma no Tsuku Jiyuugyou!

Vol: 21; Ch: 118
2005 - 2016
3.919 out of 5 from 300 votes
Rank #6,584
Kyo Kara Maoh!

Shibuya Yuuri was a typical fifteen-year-old boy until one day, when trying to stop a classmate from being bullied, he is flushed down a toilet! As he opens his eyes, Yuuri finds himself in a strange land. However, having mistaken it for a medieval theme park, he then gets the shock of his life when he is told that not only has he been transported to another world, but he is also their new king: the maoh. Adjusting to Yuuri's new country isn't as easy as it would seem, especially as he manages to accidentally propose to the previous maoh's son on his first night in the castle! Now, the idealistic Yuuri must learn his role as maoh and prove his worth, as well as trying cope with his easily-irritated new fiance.

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Story: 1/10 It started on a good note but ended in the most horrible way possible. I'm still not sure what exactly happened in there, the chapters nearing the end were a complete mess, seemed like just an info dump, reading through it felt so taxing. All the world building and the tension created up till that point suddenly all faded away into pandering to the fujoshis/fudanshis and simply going on blabbering about things from the distant past which seemed pretty irrelevant in the end. They literally abandoned the story right in the middle of nowhere, after making all the fuss about the legendary boxes capable of destroying the world, not only did they not find all of them till the end but they also made the ones they found simply disappear as if it was child's play. All the things that happened since Conrad's arm was cut off - the hardships, the betrayal and everything else - did all of it simply boil down to some guy who is supposed to be a God-like existence to them doing things for his own entertainment or something!? That ending was a complete let down, not to mention what they did to Conrad. The moment we think he's returning he's put in a situation where he has absolutely no choice but to stay behind for the sake of world peace - apparently that weird human king having one guy by his side can easily stop all wars - wars and enimity that has been going on for thousands of years no less! That was simply dumb. In either case should have at least let him give a proper explanation and talk over the issue to clear out things with Yuuri. As for pacing is concerned, it was very slow at the beginning, started to pick up speed somewhere in the middle, went over its speed limit in the end and then boom! It just crashed. Everything seemed so indecisive on the part of the author; they just wrote random stuff on a whim without a single clue as to where they want to take the story to. Art: 8/10 Art is about the only positive aspect of this manga. If nothing else then I can at least stare at my favorite characters and scenes. Would have given it a 10 if not for the latter half which seemed to be drawn rather sloppily, there were quite a few awkward looking postures and the character body propositions seemed to be shrinking. Characters: 2/10 For an isekai series the setting might have been somewhat unique specially considering the year it was released but the characters weren't all that unique but most of them were certainly enjoyable and memorable, yes, memorably good in the first half and memorably bad in the latter half. The entire plot or at least the latter half is completely wrapped around the characters and fan-service related to character pairings which was the most annoying part of the manga. A lot of potential gone down the drain just to pander to the fans, what a shame! Despite all that the characters barely even got any development or would it be better to say their development graph would be a bell shaped curve, they did develop but then went back and became even worse. The characters' behavior was all about convenience, be it for the convenience of fan-service or the convenience of making something happen in the story, after which they are back to their usual selves. Character favoritism by the author in this manga is just god-awful! The three important characters: Yuuri Shibuya - The protagonist who gets flushed down a toilet into another world. He's dense when it comes to romance, shows great interest in baseball, has strong magic powers that can do the impossible and apparently is supposed to have a strong sense of justice - justice that discriminates people based on looks. That's more or less the description of most generic protagonists, isn't it? Nothing much that made him stand out, just a typical guy who faces the brunt of tsunderes and eventually gets used to it. Conrad Weller - My personal favorite, Yuuri describes him as "perfect" with cold jokes being his only flaw. "Perfect" is the word that would usually make me hate a character but I ended up loving Conrad. He seems much more natural and behaves more normal or realistically compared to others who simply fall in love with Yuuri and do a lot of weird things. Conrad's character is also explored a bit more, specially when it comes to his past, which certainly adds to him.  Wolfram von Bielefeld - Generic tsundere and also the reason why Kyo Kara Maoh! is so popular among the fujoshis. He was the most obnoxious of them all. Initially hates Yuuri, insults him but then ends up in an engagement with him by mistake, at first he sees the proposal as an insult, challenges him to a duel and refuses to give up even after losing twice in a fair match only to face the wrath of Yuuri's magic powers in the end after which he falls head-over-heels for Yuuri for no apparent reason and enters complete tsundere mode. He follows Yuuri everywhere so he doesn't cheat on him and is usually shouting, hitting, strangling or throwing things at Yuuri accusing him of cheating even in the tiniest of matters. Basically, looks like he doesn't trust him at all. If this series would be a bit more popular then Wolfram would definitely give Louise (Zero no Tsukaima) a good run for her money in the title for the worst tsundere. They are cut out of the exact same cloth. It-it's not like I hate you or anything b-bakaaa!! Overall: 1/10 Horrible pacing, plenty of inconsistencies, favors baiting fans with BL pairings rather than focusing on the plot, incomplete ending, using generic out-of-the book scenarios and characters, just about everything about this manga was bad. It has to be one of the worst I've ever read. Or perhaps I just had my expectations set a bit too high since I used to love watching its anime as a child. 

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